Descendant: Descendants Saga (Book 2)


James Somers


 The incredible story of 17 year old Brody West’s discovery of a world where fallen angels with strange powers continues in the audiobook "Descendant: Descendants Saga, Book 2


About Descendants Saga: Book 2

Brody has defeated Mr. Black and his terrifying dolls, restoring their human counterparts in London, but at what cost? Oliver James has been consigned to the angelic prison of Tartarus where a maddening abyss awaits. Tom has been trapped in the icy realm of Greystone with the vampires while they go insane with bloodlust, seeking a way back to the mortal world. And the son of Lucifer, Grayson Stone, has emerged on the scene, receiving praise and adoration from both mortals and Descendants alike.
Time is running out for the British Empire and a war between the Descendant clans appears imminent. Can Brody and his allies stop the insurrection sweeping through the clans, or has Lucifer's plan to rule the nations already come too far?

What People are Saying
5.0 out of 5 stars "Amazing...This saga is simply awesome"

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5.0 out of 5 stars “Excellent twist and story!

Descendants Saga: Book 2 is currently ranked #7 in Amazon’s Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Christian > Fantasy genres.