Space Opera Demon's Sacrifice (Annihilation series Book 6)


Saxon Andrew


From the Number One Best Selling Author Saxon Andrew comes the sixth Book in the Best Selling Annihilation Series, “Demon’s Sacrifice. ”The universal doorway into the Stars Realm has been destroyed delaying future invasions by the Eight Legs. They are still very much a danger and it is just a matter of time until their scientists find a way to return to the Realm. The Stars Realm and its new friends must find a means of stopping this enemy from future attacks and their continued destruction of intelligent life in other universes. 

But now Destiny’s child has uncovered another creature that makes the Eight Legs appear tame in comparison. Even the Eight Legs will die if this being turns its focus toward them. Nothing the Stars Realm has faced will measure up to the ancient evil of this new threat and it is coming to the Realm. But first, it will deal with the Eight Legs.