Space Opera - Finding Keepers (Annihilation Series Book 7)


Saxon Andrew


From the Number One Best Selling Author Saxon Andrew comes the Seventh and last book in the Best Selling Annihilation Series, “Finding Keepers." The Royal Family has been sensing danger coming to the Realm for five years. The Queen of the Stars Realm, Valerie Rose Gardner, has had a vision of strange brown starships attacking one of the Realm’s members and killing everyone. She has also had a vision of a new Super Psychic that could save the Realm from the invaders. She doesn’t know where he is and thousands of Searchers are working overtime to find him.
She knows he must be found, and quickly, before the Realm is finding Keepers at every member’s planet. Their ships are indestructible and their beams destroy everything they touch. Even more important than finding this possible savior of the Realm is finding the Gardners.