Space Opera: A Rose Grows in Weeds: Annihilation, Bk3


Saxon Andrews


The Stars Realm has 832 new members and they are ready to go to the Galaxy of the plant creatures and attempt to stop their destrucdtion of entire planets. It is not going to be easy having to face fleets of more than a million warships with some of the largest being longer than twenty miles. This confrontation is going to be monumental. However, to wait will be fatal. The Plants will grow too large to handle and it's only a matter of time until they complete the harvesting of their galaxy and expand into others.

The King and Queen have also given birth to a child and its psychic abilities are going to play a large role if the Realm is to survive. It may be that the enemy is too large to stop. With space and land battles of epic proportions, the action will keep you turning pages.